Spawn your vision into software with a team of highly motivated engineers

Create software in collaboration with teams of highly engaged and skillful Engineers. Communicate your business vision and ideas and we will transform them to user friendly UIs, intuitive APIs and scalable backend solutions.

Product Team

Build or expand your product with a dedicated and self-managed team of agile thinking developers.


  • 100% Fulltime engagement.
  • Aligned with your existing teams routine.
  • Managed by its own Team Leader.
  • 3-5 team members
  • Suitable for product development

Project Team

Implement a fixed size project or proof of concept with an ad-hoc team.


  • Variable size team.
  • Combine different areas of expertise into a single team.
  • Fulltime or part-time engagement.
  • Suitable for one-off and fixed frame projects.

As the first hub for developers, we connect the market with professionals for implementing cutting edge products or PoCs.


Work with our senior professionals to design elegant architectural solutions. build proof of concepts and explore new technological grounds that will add value to your business.