The Modern L&D Management Operations Platform that lets you focus on what matters

One TOM - All of your Trainings

Manage, Record and Assign Trainings:

  • Create a Library of Trainings organized with Skills and Learning Streams.
  • Create Multiple Editions and Versions of a single Training to Manage Variations and Changes Across Time.
  • Create Multiple Instances of a Specific Training Variation and Version, and learners and instructors.
  • Manage Sessions and Dates. Assign Learners or Allow Them to Self-Enroll.

One TOM - All of your People

Record, Assign and Analyze both Learners and Instructors:

  • Enroll Learners to Trainings and See Learner’s Training History.
  • Assign Instructors at Lesson Deliveries or as Training Designers.
  • Get advanced analytics per Learner or Instructor.
  • Enable Learners and Instructors to access content and analytics through personalized landing pages.

One TOM - One Prespective

Put Training in Perspective and Empower Decision Making With Powerful Built-In Analytics:

  • TOM automatically generates and updates analytics based on your training operations data.
  • Modern, interactive dashboards ready-to-go without the need for 3rd party tools or data export.
  • Analyze engagement, attendance, cost and more.

One TOM - Anytime, Anywhere

TOM is a Cloud-Native service available worldwide, 24/7 from any device:

  • Available from any internet-connected location, anytime and anywhere.
  • Web-Based Application fully functional on any device with a web browser, regardless of platform and OS.

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