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For L&D Officers
An integrated, Intuitive, User-First Approach to Training Management

  • Store and organize trainings. Manage multiple runs of the same training discretely and together.
  • Manage and assign learners and instructors.
  • Track progress of trainings and satisfaction.

For L&D and People Managers
Training in perspective with integrated analytics, KPI tracking and automated metrics

  • Improve decision making with interactive dashboards and KPIs.
  • Automatically provided up-to-the-moment metrics to always be on top of what’s happening.

For Instructors
An integrated, easy-to-use starting point for all training management needs

  • See and manage upcoming trainings.
  • Discover detailed analytics about engagement and satisfaction

For Learners
Empower learning with automated personal schedules, self-enrollment and personal analytics

  • Discover trainings and self-enroll.
  • See schedules and assigned trainings.
  • Monitor learning with personal analytics dashboard.

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