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What is TOM?

TOM is a comprehensive solution for supporting and optimizing customized corporate L&D processes through streamlined management and data-driven insights. TOM provides all functionality required by L&D Officers and L&D Managers in order to effectively manage a custom corporate L&D program.


TOM provides integrated functionality for all tasks of the modern L&D Officer, increasing efficiency and minimizing time and effort.

  • Storage and Organization of trainings and their versions, learners, instructors and more.
  • Tracking of training processes, including progress, participation and cost.
  • Evaluation of learners’ satisfaction.

The Story

It begun when we realized that the biggest obstacle that our clients facing in implementing an effective L&D Strategy was not the procurement and organization of learning itself, but rather the management of their overall L&D activities. Empowered by our experience in L&D as well as our technical capacity, and emboldened by our passion to brave a new frontier we begun to analyze our own needs as well as those of our clients to begin the design of the first modern platform for Training Management Operations.

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