4 Women Software Quality Assurance – Testing (powered by Microsoft)


The Regeneration academy 4Women In Software Quality Assurance – Testing powered by Microsoft has been designed by ReGeneration and Microsoft, with Code.Hub as the training partner and the academic support of Athens Tech College and seeks to bridge the digital racial divide in the IT and Technology sectors.
Since the field of Software Quality Assurance – Testing does not require experience in the IT sector, it may be an excellent starting point for women scientists and professionals in the labor market, equipping them with the necessary skills to start a successful career in Security and Quality Control of IT products and solutions.


Why participate

The Regeneration Academy 4Women In Software Quality Assurance – Testing powered by Microsoft  is an intensive program of theoretical and practical (hands-on) with a total duration of 50 hours of training, which will be implemented over a period of 4 weeks (March 21, 2022 – April 15, 2022) via live virtual classroom.
Participants will become familiar with the principles of design and will gain practical knowledge of testing and control (Quality Assurance & Control Standards and Processes) from the point of a developer’s view and from the perspective of a professional (Automated & Manual Testing). In addition, they will be exposed to programming languages ​​(Java), Agile methodologies, tools (Jira), frameworks (Selenium) as well as the necessary knowledge of the business environment (business acumen).

Duration & Schedule

*** The Schedule is subject to minor adjustments ***

The program will span over 50 hours and 4 teaching weeks. Courses are provided online via virtual classroom environment and online collaboration platforms.

Start Date: 21 March 2022

End Date: 15 April 2022

Weekdays –  (18.00 – 21.15)
Saturday–  (10.15 – 16.00)

Main training Dates:
Week 1 – March 21, 23, 26
Week 2 – 28, 30, April 1
Week 3 – 4, 6, 8
Week 4 – 11, 13, 15
Project Presentations Friday, April 15, 2022


Key Objectives – Curriculum

The objectives of the Course are:

  • Quality Assurance & Control Overview & Standards
  • Software Development Lifecycle, Models & Principles
  • Java Language Refresher
  • Testing methodologies, types, practices & layers
  • Agile Development and Agile Testing
  • Testing throughout software lifecycle
  • Software Development Testing Activities (e.g. unit tests)
  • Manual Testing Activities
  • Tool support for testing
  • Automation Testing Aspects, Frameworks and tools
  • Selenium Fundamentals
  • Maven Integration with Selenium
  • Locating User Interface bugs using Selenium
  • Mobile Apps Testing Aspects & Tools
  • Real-world automation test design and implementation case studies


Conditions for participation:

Women graduates/postgraduates of Greek or foreign schools of higher education (AEI / TEI / College), one of the following academic directions:

  • Computer Science / Computer Engineering / Programming
  • Mathematics, Statistics, Applied Mathematics
  • Engineering

Additional Conditions:

Women up to 29 years old, as the program is aimed at graduates at the beginning of their careers.

Zero or limited work experience:

Work experience from 0 to 3 years full time, upon completion of studies.

Extracurricular activities:

Active involvement in extracurricular activities (e.g. volunteering, sports, entrepreneurship, art and any other non-academic activity).



The purpose of the ReGeneration Academy 4Women In Software Quality Assurance – Testing powered by Microsoft is to prepare women professionals and give them a competitive edge, equipping them with the necessary skills, tools and knowledge in order to progress in related positions with Software Development, Software Quality Assurance, Manual Testing, Test Automation, Business Analysis, Software Engineering, Consulting, in most business sectors, from Technology and Telecommunications to Manufacturing, Construction and Trade.

  • DURATION: 80 Hours through the course of 6 Weeks
  • PREMISES: Online virtual classroom environment and online collaboration platforms