Coding Bootcamp for Junior Java/Angular

EUROPEAN DYNAMICS is announcing a Coding Bootcamp for Java/ Angular developers, organised by Code.Hub.

The specialized training is an intensive hands-on coding bootcamp for both basic and advanced principles on industry standard technologies like Object Oriented Programming, Java, Maven, RDBMS, ORM, DevOps, etc, lasting 120 hours through five weeks.

Duration & Schedule

This specific program lasts 6 training weeks and consists of  120 hours of lectures and hands-on exercise on real case studies and projects via virtual classroom environment and online collaboration platforms.

Start Date: 24 October 2022
End Date: 29 November 2022

Detailed Schedule  (*The Schedule is subject to adjustments)


Week 1  Monday 24-Oct-22 09.00-12.15
Tuesday 25-Oct-22 09.00-12.15
Wednesday 26-Oct-22 09.00-12.15
Thursday 27-Oct-22 09.00-14.30
Week 2 Monday 31-Oct-22 13.00-16.15
Tuesday 1-Nov-22 09.00-12.15
Wednesday 2-Nov-22 09.00-12.15
Thursday 3-Nov-22 09.00-12.15
Friday 4-Nov-22 09.00-14.30
Week 3 Monday 7-Nov-2022 13.00-16.15
Tuesday 8-Nov-22 09.00-12.15
Wednesday 9-Nov-22 09.00-14.30
Thursday 10-Nov-22 09.00-12.15
Friday 11-Nov-22 09.00-14.30
Week 4 Monday 14-Nov-22 09.00-12.15
Tuesday 15-Nov-220 09.00-12.15
Wednesday 16-Nov-22 09.00-16.15
Thursday 17-Nov-22 09.00-12.15
Friday 18-Nov-22 09.00-14.30
Week 5 Monday 21-Nov-22 09.00-12.15
Tuesday 22-Nov-22 13.00-16.15
Wednesday 23-Nov-22 09.00-12.15
Thursday 24-Nov-22 09.00-12.15
Friday 25-Nov-22 13.00-16.15
Week 6 Monday 28-Nov-22 09.00-12.15
Tuesday 29-Nov-22 09.00-14.30


Key Objectives – Curriculum

This 5-week program will present, explore and adequately cover with extended hands-on sessions & real-life case studies the following areas:

  • Object-Oriented Programming & Java: OO Concepts, Generics, Collections, Exception handling, IO
  • Software Engineering: Software Development Practices, Desing & Development Patterns, DevOps Principles, Coding Standards, Maintainability & Clean Code
  • Relational Databases: Data Modeling, SQL, Connection of RDB and OOP, Object Relational Mapper 
  • Web Technologies & Web Development: Web Applications Architecture & Components
  • Project Development & Demonstration

Following the aforementioned period, further Learning & Development opportunities will be provided in the following areas:

  • Java Enterprise Edition: APIs, REST, Jakarta, EJBs, CDI, JPA, JMS, JAX-RS, Testing
  • Web Technologies & Web Development: Web Applications Architecture & Components, Client-side technologies, HTML, CSS, Javascript
  • Angular: Typescript, Components, Directives, Pipes, Services, Routing, Events, Forms, Routing, State Management
  • Advanced Concepts: Authentication & Authorization


Conditions for participation:

  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related technical field or equivalent work experience;
  • Knowledge of core IT concepts and skills such as programming, databases, etc.;
  • Ability to work both independently and in a team-oriented collaborative environment;
  • Good command of the  English language (verbal and written);
  • Passion and enthusiasm for programming
  • PREMISES: Online virtual classroom environment and online collaboration platforms