Web Apps UI/UX Design & Development (powered by Microsoft)


The ReGeneration Academy on Web Apps UI/UX Design & Development, powered by Microsoft in the modern landscape comes to show us that it’s not enough for products to be beautiful on the inside. Even the best architecture and the most effective technology stack cannot stand alone. A product must also be beautiful on the outside. In the ever growing digital environment, this is where UX Design comes in. Designers are responsible for bridging the gap between capability and effect, by orchestrating the creation of products that both meet consumers’ needs as well as do it in a manner that creates delight and wonder. These developments have created the need for a new kind of professional, who combines the skills of design and strategy with the technical ability to make their vision a reality.

Through the program, participants will be offered both the background to understand user needs and the elements that define the experience, as well as the ability to implement their ideas using Angular, one of the most popular front-end frameworks on the market.

Angular is an evolving framework used by major companies all over the world, which aims to provide a complete solution for creating modern web applications and includes features covering all major needs of a single page application (SPA) such as two-way binding, HTTP communication, routing, styling and reactive forms.

In addition, it encourages the implementation of the MVVM (Model-View-ViewModel) architectural pattern, enabling the creation of modular and reusable code, and is based on Microsoft’s own open-source TypeScript language, which was ranked by StackOverflow as the second most beloved programming language by developers.

The program comprises a total of 80 hours of specialized theoretical and practical training via online courses, delivered over a period of 6 teaching weeks – from 28 February 2022 to 8 April 2022. The ReGeneration Academy on Web Apps UI/UX Design & Development has been designed by ReGeneration and Microsoft, with Code.Hub as training partner and academic support from the Athens Tech College. It combines introductory and advanced principles of Web Apps UX/UI Design & Development.
During the program participants will be exposed to the full process of developing a modern web application according to the latest standards and will gain extensive practical experience in topics from market analysis and design to development and publication.


Why to participate

Participants will get to know both the theoretical background of design and usability through topics such as Usability, Mental Models, Moments of Truth and Personas but also the practical application using tools such as Adobe XD and actions where they will be constantly guided by the respective feedback will be obtained from UX research actions.

In addition, participants will be introduced to the programming tools and the corresponding production environments with which they will implement their ideas in the context of front-end development with HTML, CSS, JavaScript using the most modern Single Page Application (SPA) standards through Angular, one of the most popular front-end frameworks.


Duration & Schedule

*** The Schedule is subject to minor adjustments ***

The program will span over 80 hours and 6 teaching weeks. Courses are provided online via virtual classroom environment and online collaboration platforms.

Start Date: 28 February 2022

End Date: 8 April 2022

Training Dates (18.00 – 21.15):
Week 1 – February 28, March 1, 3, 4
Week 2 – March 8, 10, 11
Week 3 – 14, 15, 17, 18
Week 4 – 22, 24
Week 5 – 28, 29, 31, April 1
Week 6 – April 4, 6, 8
Project Presentations – Friday, April 8, 2022


Key Objectives – Curriculum

The program will present and cover the following thematic units:

  • UX Fundamentals & Design Process
  • UX Research
  • Omnichannel & Mobile Design
  • Visual Design & Information Architecture
  • Wireframing & Prototyping with Adobe XD
  • HTML & CSS Basics
  • JavaScript & TypeScript
  • Angular Fundamentals

Conditions for participation:

The program is designed for STEM, Computer Science & Software Engineering early graduates and young professionals that, even though they usually have a strong academic background, they lack the necessary experience and confidence for the working environment.

Eligible for participation are early graduates of Greek or equivalent foreign higher education institutions (Universities) and / or I.E.K. and / or Colleges, in one of the following academic:

  • Information Technology, Computer Science
  • Computer Engineering
  • Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  • Mathematics, Statistics, Applied Mathematics
  • Digital Systems
  • Web Development

Additional Conditions:

Up to 29 years old, as the program is aimed at graduates at the beginning of their careers.

Zero or limited work experience:

Work experience from 0 to 3 years full time, upon completion of studies.

Extracurricular activities:

Active involvement in extracurricular activities (e.g. volunteering, sports, entrepreneurship, art and any other non-academic activity).



The purpose of the ReGeneration Academy Web Apps UI/UX Design & Development powered by Microsoft is to prepare competitive and specialized UI/UX scientists in Web applications and provide them with the requisite knowledge and skills to jumpstart their careers in the growing fields of both User Experience Design and Front-End Development, using similar technologies and frameworks, with a strong theoretical and applied background and to equip them with the necessary supplies that will make them competitive in the labor market, in order to claim positions in the fields of Web Apps Development, Web Apps Design, Product Design, Business Analysis, Software Engineering, Consulting.


  • DURATION: 80 Hours through the course of 6 Weeks
  • PREMISES: Online virtual classroom environment and online collaboration platforms