Public Next: Graduate Program

Public Next is announcing a 12 Month Graduate Program for Java developers, organised by Code.Hub.

Public Next leads the digital transformation of retail, with solutions that allow organizations to reimagine processes, integrate technologies and introduce innovative services to stay ahead in the market.

As part of the Public Group ecosystem, Public Next combines best-of-breed technologies with innovative ideas to create synergies that bring additional value to organizations and their customers. The ultra-modern, 700 sq. m. hub within the Public Group’s HQ brings together information technology, digital and software development experts under one roof.

The 12-Month Graduate Program constitutes of 3 months of instructor led-training and 9 months of hours on the job training with experts.

The specialised training is an intensive hands-on coding Bootcamp for both basic and advanced principles on industry-standard technologies like Software Engineering, Relational Databases, Spring Framework, Angular and DevOps, etc.

Instructor-led Duration & Schedule

This specific training program lasts 3 months and consists of 120 hours of lectures and hands-on exercises on real case studies and projects via a virtual classroom environment and instructor led-trainings.

Start Date: July 4, 2022

Detailed Schedule ΤΒΑ

Key Objectives – Curriculum

A. Development Toolset
B. Environment Setup
C. DevOps Basics
1. OS & Linux Basics
2. Version Control & Git
3. Continuous & Agile Software Development
4. Relational Databases
A. Object Oriented Programming
B. Java
C. Data Stores
1. Intro to OO & the Java Ecosystem
2. Java
3. Build Automation (Maven)
4. Relational DB’s
5. Intro to NoSQL
A. Web applications Architecture & Development logic
B. Back-end Development
C. Spring
1. Spring Framework Overview
2. Spring Boot
3. Spring Core, Beans, Container & Dependency Injection
4. Spring Data, JPA
5. HTTP, Web Applications, SOAP vs REST
6. Rest with Spring Boot
7. REST clients, postman, swagger
A. Front-end Technologies
B. Web Development
C. Enterprise Apps Development
2. JavaScript & Typescript
3. Angular Concepts, Framework & CLI
4. Components, Directives, Pipes, Services, Routing
5. Events, Forms, Templates, Observables
6. Back-end & Front-end Integration
A. Advanced Concepts
B. Project Development
C. DevOps Basics
1. Project Development
2. Unit Testing
3. Design Patterns
4. Concurrency in Spring
5. Caching in Spring
Project Development 1. Project Development
2. Architectural Considerations
3. Project Presentation


Your Background & Expertise:

  • Graduate and undergraduate – last semester of studies
  • Strong academic performance
  • Passion for technology and for all things digital
  • 0 – 1 years of experience
  • Experience with Java
  • Team spirit and communication skills
  • Excellent knowledge of Greek and English language (written and verbal)

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  • DURATION: 12 Months
  • PREMISES: Online virtual classroom environment and online collaboration platforms